Lands of Stone

Feb 2009 : Growth

A little bit of advertising! We have registered with a couple of the bigger mudlists and are going to try and create a little more traffic to LoS. This may or may not make a difference to player counts but please do welcome any newcomer.

Jan 2009 : Revival

The mud has been allowed to tick over for a few years while we have all followed other interests. Now however we again have active management and are looking at some new ideas, new developments. Keep an eye out in the coming months for fresh news.

July 2004 : Release 1.9.xxx

The engine has been taken forwards in a series of small iterative steps and players should do help changes to stay aware of what has been upgraded. There have been many background changes which we see as enablers for new features and ideas. From dueling to questing, combat to creature interaction we have touched on many things. We also appreciate the efforts of those who fill in bugreports as these help up ensure the game is clean. Remember, the best time to place a bug report is immediately when you see the problem (if possible). We log the room and other details when you make the report to make it easier to resolve.

January 2004 : A new forum opens!

We have now created our own official forum site, to be found at LosBB. This is an additional source of information and we hope it will become an invaluable aid to the game.

January 2004 : Moving to a new site

The game server has now moved to its new home, and the DNS entries have changed so that mud.landsofstone.org now points to the address By the time you read this, the DNS propogation should be complete. With the move we have now upgraded our engine to version 1.9.0 which incorporates a lot of minor changes and enhancements. It also has several significant sections of the code being rewritten and improved which includes improved alignment and luck creating new spells and abilities to be discovered.

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