Lands of Stone


The policy is here as a warning: to all those who would have a negative effect on the game - your behaviour will be punished. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be subject to punishments such as prison time, being outlawed (and hunted), loss of experience, character deletion or site lockout.
Repeated lesser offences will often lead to heavier punishments.

------Punishable by lockout (not allowing you to log in again):
1. Crashing or attempting to crash the game.

------Punishable by dusting (your character deleted):
2. Exploiting bugs or system constraints. If you see anything that you think is a bug - report it by mudmailing a DM.
3. Multi-logging - having more than one character in the game at the same time.
4. Using storage characters - characters whose main function is to carry items for other characters have no place in the game. If you gain more than you can carry, sell it, or buy a home to store it in.
5. Triggers and botting - using triggers/settings to play a character for you rather than controlling it yourself. Triggers for roleplay emotes are the only exception.
6. Using inappropriate, offensive or crude character names.
7. Sharing characters - let your friend play a character of his own and do not let him log in yours.

------Punishable by outlawing:
These are regarded as basic good manners which sadly a few people lack.
8. Attacking a player or healing their enemy during combat is impossible. Any similar interferences such as dragging aggressive monsters or spamming players with talks/emotes during combat are not tolerated.
9. Drop stealing. Picking up things dropped by a monster which another player has just killed and you have not earned, is not allowed.
10. Harrassing other players, using foul language in broadcast and being offensive are not accepted here.
11. Buying or selling quest items (items for which you gain experience) is not permitted. It compromises the value of the quest and the integrity of the guilds who require you to do quests to level. Experience has to be earned, not bought.

12. Compromising the integrity of the game. We prefer players to value the quests and puzzles we have created. Exploring and solving things as a group are encouraged. Leading people to things they don't know, explaining trades, quests or how to obtain items are strongly discouraged. After you've been warned, we may blast your luck, put you in jail, outlaw you or in extreme cases, lock you out of the game, because really this only spoils the game for other players in the long run.
13. Roleplay sabotage. People put a lot of effort into roleplaying their characters and we will not allow other players to ruin this effort. Always remember this is a roleplaying game.
14. Consented pkilling - where one player agrees to have their character pkilled repeatedly in order for another to gain experience - will be punished by a minimum of deleting the character being killed and removing a guessed amount of experience from the other. If clanned then both clans will also suffer a loss of status.
15. Pimping. This is the broadcasting or repeated flashing of a service of whatever nature to players of the game. This behaviour is borderline annoying at best and something the admin simply don't like. Do not do it.


The main focus of the staff is to develop the game database and the engine. The aim of this is to try to provide an enjoyable environment in which you may play. We are always open to problems though, if something comes up please get in contact. Do help staff to see who to speak with and be assured that although busy, we will try and respond to queries.
If your character dies as a result of the illegal actions of another player, you will _not_ be reimbursed for the loss. However, it is in your best interest to report the crime so that we can assess the required punishment.
Finally, if you are not satisfied with the decision of a particular staff member, you may appeal to a DM via mudmail, however it is very rare that the decision of staff is reversed and the decision of a DM is final.

Webmaster: Shihan


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