Lands of Stone

The Assassin

Many think that the assassins have always been with us, this is not quite true.

The thieves guild was at one point the sole source of organised trouble. The Dark-Knights were far in the future and the paladins and clerics were concerned with the problems of the evil humanoid races like goblins and orcs, and the deprivations of dragons. The thieves guild was frowned on but it never appeared to be a threat.

The Assassins Guild was part of the Thieves Guild and it started among the nomadic tribes which traverse the Scorched Desert. Their founding father was Al-Haraj Al Jaeme, he was probably one of the greediest but also one of the most proficient members of the guild. When he was offered a truly enormous fee to kill the King under Granite Mountain he did not have to be asked twice.

To this day it is talked about in dwarven communities across the land of how one of the most powerful and protected monarchs ever fell to a shadow with no honour. Most dwarves have a great and instant dislike to assassins, almost as strong as their response to goblins and orcs.

Al-Haraj never looked back from that fateful day. The money he had earnt was enough for him to set up and recruit some of the most skillful thieves of the land whose avarice was almost as strong as his. He set up hidden schools and worked to give the assassins a fearsome reputation. Stories of the knives in the dark and some audacious commissions meant many would not turn in the assassins as it became known that entire families would be destroyed by those who crossed the Assassins. They were secure and strong, hidden and growing and rich, they were, almost, content.

Over the years the guild spread its hand across the world, entering into the world of politics and trying to influence things more to their liking. Soon they would have come into direct opposition with paladins and clerics but for one thing, the coming of the Dark-Knights. Where the assassins were silent and subtle, the Dark-Knights were brash and noisy. All attention was focused on them. The assassins deliberated and decided that perhaps they could work with the new group and sent an emissary. The emissary was returned in chunks with the message that all would bow to the Dark-Knights and that the assassins would be no exception. Furious at this slight and the death of one of their brethren at the Dark-Knights hands they work to the undoing of the Dark-Knights, but as is their wont, subtly behind the scenes.

The Assassin is an evil character, not as excessive as Dark-Knights but very evil nonetheless. They share much in common with their cousins the thieves and as such are good at hiding and sneaking. Where they excel the most is in the skill of backstabbing. They are reasonably good anyway with weapons but the backstabbing skill makes them very, very dangerous foes. Over the years they have lost the thieves skills of picking locks and pockets, instead concentrating on better combat skills.

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