Lands of Stone

The Dark-Knight

This class came about as a break-away from the better known paladins.

Many years ago a famous paladin by the name of Aldoram fought against one of the greatest of the Red Wyrms, old Flametongue himself. The wyrm cast a mighty spell and managed to strike a fierce blow to his head at almost the same time. The combination blow turned something in his mind, but at that time no one knew what had happened.

His defeated, broken body was retrieved and mighty healings were actioned on his body. As he healed he lay under a dark cloud brooding and sullen. All put this down to the defeat by the Wyrm, but the darkness growing in his mind was claiming him. One day, seemingly whole again he stood at the gates of the White Castle and discarded all the trappings of the paladin.

In plain view he trampled them into the ground and spat on them sneering. Looking up at the shocked watchers from the castles walls he claimed that Aldoram was dead and in his place stood Kervack, their greatest enemy. He then turned away and disappeared for many years, though rumours of him lived and grew.

The Paladins knew that they had not heard the last of him, but they were utterly shocked when next he surfaced. A tourney was being held outside the White Castle, and a warrior in jet-black armour had asked to compete. He fought and won his way to the final round and fought against a great hero Maldas. In the jousting both lances broke and they dismounted to fight on foot. The warrior in jet was a superb fighter and disarmed Maldas and knocked off his helm. Laughing he took of his own helm and everyone saw it was Kervack. Proclaiming himself as lord of the Dark-Knights he laughingly showed of an evil power he had gained. Touching the face of Maldas an unholy light shone around his hand and the features of Maldas began to wither with age. All the time Kervack laughed and laughed. As the stunned assemblage started to react his horse trotted up to him and he remounted. The horse tossed its head and all could see its true visage, that of a nightmare. With hooves flaming it struck off into the sky allowing Kervack his escape. The Dark-Knights were at war with the paladins and this war continues today.

The Dark-Knight is evil, very evil. If they ever stray too far away from this then they are heavily penalised for their lack of dedication. They are reasonably strong fighters and not too bad at magic though the physical side is more important to them. Their very evilness enhances their strength in combat and it allows them to do more damage than would normally be expected. This only applies to physical blows and has no effect on the effects of magical spells. They can, like barbarians, go berserk and this is a powerful ability when they are suitably evil. They have one other ability, the withering touch. This is a power in which Dark-Knight excel, the more powerful the Dark-Knight, the more powerful the touch that he can apply. All this points to a very offensive orientated player.

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