Lands of Stone

The Paladin

The paladins initially were a group of fighters who fought for and with the clerics who banished the evil clerics from the lands. Their base was the White Castle which stands even today, but is now but a  small chapter house. They worked with the clerics closely and themselves became very religious. This devotion initially was rewarded with improved healing potency. It was noticed that fighters of this group could heal themselves better than ordinary fighters. This only confirmed that their belief was right and made them truer than ever.

The first paladin to turn the undead was the great elven hero Talarmasi. A town was being ravaged by zombies and he went to destroy the foul undead. He was shocked to find that they were being directed by a vampire and he set out to destroy the vampire. During the combat the vampire used a spell that consumed his weapon in acid. Talarmasi was weaponless. Putting all his faith in the gods he called out for their aid and was answered the vampire turned to dust in front of his eyes. The zombies without a guiding will then wandered off. Reporting on what had happened they found that all paladins could turn the undead. At the same time it was found that their prayers were being answered. At this point they also found that only those who stayed true to the gods tennents could use these new abilities. It was then that they renamed themselves to Paladins and Talarmasi became the first principle of the new guild.

Since then they have grown and all know of the honour of paladins and the costs they must pay should they fail to follow the path laid out for them.

Paladins stand for honour and truth and their skills reflect this Their primary skills are feats of arms, but they have reasonable spell casting abilities, especially the healing kind. Like clerics they may turn the undead, even destroying them and they can also pray to the gods and receive an enhanced piety while the prayer is in effect. Unlike fighters and barbarians they cannot bash or circle opponents and their honour refuses to allow them to flee.

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