Lands of Stone

The Thief

The Thieves Guild is probably the most famous as it is the one which enforces its rule most obviously. Thieving has always been happening and with the type of person who takes to thieving, a hierarchy or pecking order was inevitable. The early days of the guild were very messy indeed. Intrigue and ambition ran hand in hand and promotion was gained through a good sharp argument. At one point the attrition was so bad that the guild was in serious danger of being wiped out.

Luckily for the guild a half-orc with iron ambition and the skill to match took control.

Vahknal the half-orc was able to mould the guild back into a genuine organisation by the application of raw force. At first only fear of him stopped a final bloodbath, but as the days and weeks went by he showed the other side of his nature and managed to convince the best remaining thieves to side with him and together they went on daring raids gaining great treasure. The success snowballed and as the thieves saw how putting individual differences aside could benefit them, they flocked to his banner.

Vahknal knew that when he died the guild would again fall to pieces. He instituted a council of elders who watched over the rest of the guild. Thieves joining the guild had to take part in a blood rite to bind them into the group and this too had a positive effect as all became brothers and sisters of the guild. He then did something no one could believe, Vahknal stood down in favour of the council and applied to be elected when the next change occurred. He was unanimously voted in and was a member until his dying days.

Even now thieves invoke his name as a luck symbol when they are in trouble. Some even believe that he watches over and protects them to this day.

Thieves have a wide range of useful, and annoying, skills. They are the best when it comes to hiding and sneaking in the shadows, and are almost as good as assassins when it comes to backstabbing as an attack form. They are also the best at picking locks and have two skills many others would love to have. They can peek at someone's inventory, and they can steal from others too. This is what makes them so annoying as quite often the victim is unaware of the theft until they try to use the stolen item.

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